About Us

I started detailing cars back in 2005 in P.R. I started manufacturing detailing products and training my clients on how to use them. In 2016 I moved to Florida. While working here I started to buy and flip cars. With that I also detailed them which caught the eyes of my neighbors. After that I quit my job and started offering my detailing services full time. I take pride in my work and love what I am doing for a living.

  • Dennis Miranda

    "The service I received from Omar with top notch detailing was exceptional. I sincerely could not believe the results. Very professional and dependable."

  • Bradley Figueroa

    "Just had my car done through Omar's service. He did an amazing job wrapping and detailing my car. Made my car look like it just rolled out the dealership. Would highly recommend."

  • Brian Dail

    "If you're looking for a quality auto detailer, call Omar! Very professional and thorough with a high attention to detail. Highly recommended."

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